J2-Staying Strong

Yipee!  Our first journal assignment!  And the topic is… *drum roll* Psalm 119!

“How can young people keep their paths pure?  By guarding them according to what you’ve said.”  Psalm 119:9

It seems to me people are always claiming the newest generation is the worst.  Today’s parents, pastors, and youth leaders are deeply distressed by the shockingly high number of young people leaving their faith.  They wonder how to convince teenagers to resist temptation and peer pressure so to remain on God’s path.

I believe that the fact David mentioned the importance of young people staying true to God shows this isn’t by any means a new concern; the same questions have been raised since Bible times, and in this very applicable verse we are given an unequivocal answer.  If young people are to stay strong in their faith, we must continually study God’s instructions and constantly strive to apply them to our lives.

an interesting pic of a Bible

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