CW2-The Value of Wisdom

For our first Creative Writing assignment, we were to create an acrostic poem using the letters of our name and describing an important them in the Bible.  i.e. faith, glory, forgiveness etc.  And we had to put a synonym of the theme we chose in every line.  Thank you, for providing this interesting synonyms of wisdom. 

Seekers of wisdom will be rewarded, for God

Sends understanding to those who request it

All the treasures of the earth do not surpass the value of knowledge

Assets are nothing in the face of sapience

Rubies and diamonds are dull in comparison to acumen

Righteous ones speak with discernment at all times

Abundant rewards are given to those who cherish reason

Assurance is given to those who embrace sagacity, and those who

Heed wise judgment shall prosper

Hope is never far from the one who clings to perspicacity

Lovers of pansophy are protected and should never

Lose hold of discernment

Usurpers are nothing in the face of a wise person

Understanding surpasses all strength and

Perspicacity is the strongest weapon

People who discard intelligence are but fools

Underestimating the value of reason leads to despair

Understanding keeps followers of God on the correct path


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