J4- Finding Myself

For this week’s journal, we were to write about the most important lesson we’ve learned in our lives.  This is the lesson that immediately came to mind. 

Throughout the sixteen years I have spent on this planet called Earth, I have managed to learn a thing or two, though I must say the most important lesson I’ve ever learned was when I was about fourteen.  By that time, I had already spent a few awkward years trying to see where my place was, how I fit in, who I was… you know the story.  Every one finds themselves there at some point.

In any event, I started to notice how much pressure I was feeling from other people to be who they wanted me to be.  It seemed like a lot of people in my age group wanted me to act like them, wear the same things as them, and share the same interests as them in order to be their friend.  Finally, I realized that if I did all those things, I wasn’t being myself; I was fake.  Whoever became friends with me would be making friends with a made up person.

I learned I had to pursue my own interests and be who I really am, regardless of what I felt other people wanted me to be.  It’s not easy, and I certainly don’t do it perfectly.  Constantly I have to remind myself my true value comes from what God thinks of me rather than people.


3 thoughts on “J4- Finding Myself

  1. It is always important to avoid conformity. Genuinely being yourself should always be a priority. As you mentioned, God’s opinion of you must be prominent. Cool post! 😀

    ~Michael Hollingworth
    Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

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  2. Great post! I can definitely relate. I like how you not only focused on staying true to who you are yourself in terms of your interests and personality, but also on focusing on remembering that what God thinks of you is what’s most important.

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