CW 6: The Prince’s Tale

I am no great poet, but I am a great fan of Harry Potter.  Upon receiving an assignment to retell a well-known story through poetry, my mind immediately flooded with Harry Potter related ideas.  I decided on retelling the story of Severus Snape, since I find him one of the most fascinating and complex characters in literature.  

Warning: If you have not read/ seen Harry Potter, this will make no sense and ruin the story.

The moment Harry began his first year

The Potion’s Master could readily see

A hateful face but eyes he once held dear

The one he’d sworn to protect entirely

And through his misinterpreted deeds

Severus Snape brought help and not harm

Although he scolded, ignoring all pleads

To his word he stayed true, without conform

                                                                                           Yet hate and pain kept their hold on him

With bonds unyielding as iron, as steel

A certain three always punished on a whim

The power of memories that couldn’t heal

After Harry won the goblet, light was shed

Snape was a Death Eater in days gone by

The baleful beast of Snape’s past showed its head

And all wondered where his loyalties could lie

The ambiguous beast showed itself once more

When Harry finds Snape was once tortured by

Marauders, a familiar group of four

Could that lifeline of hate be justified?

Then he does what seems unforgivable

When the Half-Blood Prince slays Dumbledore

Thus looked as if he chose the way of the skull

Guarding the truth in his corridor

At last the professor comes into the light

All he did was for the sake of love lost

Through heartache, conformed to do what was right

Protecting her son at the greatest cost

Under the cruelty, the spite, and the hate

Beneath layers and layers he did show

A man who was brave, who had love so great.

Did Severus Snape prove himself a hero?


6 thoughts on “CW 6: The Prince’s Tale

  1. huh. Haven’t read Harry Potter, but I must say that I wasn’t too confused. XD You must have done a good job with your poem. From what I can tell Snape’s a character who seemed to be evil but was actually good? =P Anyways, this is a neat poem. I love how you leave off in a question. Great job! 😀

    ~Michael Hollingworth
    Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

    Liked by 1 person

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