J7: My Favorite Bible Story (or Stories)

“Favorite” questions always throw me off.  Whenever I’m confronted with questions such as “What’s your favorite book?”, “What’s your favorite movie?”, or even “What’s your favorite food?” I’m forced into an awkward silence because I have no idea what to say.  I simply have so many favorites I cannot choose.

Another one of these questions is, “What is your favorite Bible Story?”  Since the book is filled with more life changing stories than I can fit on this page, I’ve decided not even to try to choose one favorite.  Instead, I’ve composed a list of five that are among my many favorites, not listed in any particular order.

  1. The story of Esther.  I’ve always loved this story, perhaps because Esther is one of the few female protagonists in the Bible.  She shows remarkable courage, which I really admire.

2. Balaam and the donkey. (Numbers 22)  This is a rather bizarre story, which is exactly what I love about it.  It shows God can use anything in any way to accomplish His will.  Not only does the thought of a donkey rebuking his master make me smile, but it reassures me God has the power to work in amazing ways.

3.The story of Deborah. (Judges 4)  Between Deborah’s awesome leadership and Jael killing Sisera, this story features a lot of girl power.  Similarly to Esther, I enjoy this passage because it shows women displaying great strength and bravery.

4.Ehud. (Numbers 3:12-21)  Yes, I’m serious.  I really do love this story, and not just because I’m a deranged person who finds it amusing.  In Ehud’s time, being left-handed was regarded as strange, though God was able to use this for a greater purpose.  It reminds me God knew what He was doing when He created every person and can use the parts of us that we don’t like.

5. Jesus and the woman caught in adultery. (John 8:1-11) There are so many reasons to love this story.  It really shows what kind of a person Jesus was.  Instead of giving judgment he shows grace and forgiveness; instead of being prideful and hateful he shows love.  Moreover, He used a few simple words to send all the accusers away, scratching their heads and reevaluating their lives.


3 thoughts on “J7: My Favorite Bible Story (or Stories)

  1. Aha! Favorite questions! They always get me too. I will literally have a fit if someone asks me what my favorite book is. There is just no way that I have a favorite book, they’re all so good! 😀 But, to your post. I really love all those stories, but one I find especially intriguing is the story of Ehud, because during those times, the left hand was considered “weak”, and so it really builds on that principle of God working through unexpected things, a bit like Balaam and the donkey. 🙂

    ~Michael Hollingworth
    Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

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