J9—The Parking Lot Adventure

For this week’s journal we had to rewrite an event from our life from another person’s perspective.  I decided to write about one of my amusing escapades from the perspective of my little brother, Andrew, because this is one of his favorite stories to tell.  (And mine too.)  My writing style in this assignment was different than normal because I was trying to catch my brother’s voice.  Feel free to comment!

Before the funniest thing in the world happened, I was just really tired.  Aunt Susan, Sarah and I had been walking around all day, and then we spent forever in the parking lot looking for our car.  That happened a lot on our trip.  Aunt Susan could never remember where we put the car.

Anyway, when she finally did figure out where it was, she left us to wait for her so we didn’t have to walk anymore.  As soon as she pulled up, I got in my seat, fastened my seatbelt, and then the car started.  Everything felt normal; except it wasn’t.  Because Sarah wasn’t in the car.

When I looked up I saw the car door was still open and Sarah was running—actually running—after the car.  I couldn’t help it.  I laughed and laughed until I started to cry.  “Aunt Susan!” Sarah yelled, running as fast as she could to keep up with the car.

Aunt Susan didn’t notice anything, which made everything so much funnier.  Even Sarah started to laugh, but she was running so hard she was kind of out of breath.  I tried to tell Aunt Susan what was going on, I really did.  Just I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hardly say anything.

Then—this is the best part—a car behind us honked, probably trying to let Aunt Susan know what was going on.  But Aunt Susan still didn’t see anything, so she started to drive even faster.  Sarah couldn’t even keep up with the car anymore.  It was awesome.  Though I guess Aunt Susan finally realized what was going on, because she slowed down and let Sarah in.  So we didn’t get to leave her in the parking lot.  Oh, well.  But the whole thing was still just so hilarious that I literally laughed the whole way home.

“I can’t believe you almost left me in the parking lot,” Sarah said, laughing her head off.

“It’s strange,” Aunt Susan said.  “I checked to see if your brother was in the car but not you.  He’s usually the one I have trouble with.”

“I haven’t laughed so hard in years,” I told them.

By now Aunt Susan laughed too.  “Silly turkey!  You’re only eight.”  (Seriously, I don’t know what her deal is with calling me a turkey.)

“I can’t wait to hear what our parents say about this,” Sarah said.

“Umm… let’s not do that tonight,” Aunt Susan said.

“Why not?” I challenged.

“Because well… they’re very tired right now, and it probably wouldn’t be so funny to them.  Especially not to your mom.”

“Okay,” I said quietly.  “But I’ll tell them first thing in the morning.”

Well, this wasn’t exactly how it went, but you get the idea.

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