J10: Stalked by the Queen

Disclaimer: I hereby promise the reader every word of this account is true; it contains no falsehoods or exaggerations.  Thank you for your understanding.

It so happened that last spring break, I took a trip to London.  And on this trip, being that I was so close, I also happened to stop by Windsor.  The castle was beautiful and I had a wonderful time there, even before I found out.  What did I find out, you ask?  Well, dear reader, it just so happens the queen was visiting the castle at the same time I was.  Yes, I mean her royal majesty Queen Elizabeth II was present at Windsor while I was visiting.

Windsor Castle

Now if this was all that happened, I may have simply snapped a few pictures, marveled at the thought, and moved on with my life without further ado.  Maybe even believed it was a coincidence.  But that was not all.  Oh dear reader, it was not.  Because you see, being that I was in London, I went to see Buckingham palace.  And who was there upon my arrival?  None other than the queen herself, of course.

From this I could only come to one conclusion: her royal majesty was stalking me.  Yes dear reader, I know you find it hard to believe.  I know you might think the queen of England had better things to do than stalk a tourist.  I know you might even think it was a coincidence.  Although I know better; things such as these do not simply happen.  There are no coincidences.

But how does this count as meeting a famous person, you ask?  After all, I didn’t really come into contact with the queen.  Well dear reader, although I may never have seen the queen, I am most certain she saw me.  And that, I believe, is close enough to count.  Don’t you think?

My royal stalker

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