Time for another Monday’s Minute Challenge!  I chose the word prompt.

This was our place.  I almost expect to see one of them run to me now.  “Hey Robbie!  How’s the world’s fastest peg-legged man?”  No one comes.

I can remember everything.  Romping and rioting in the woods.  Splashing in the tingling cool lake.  Laughing around the crackling campfire.  They were the only ones who didn’t care I was different.

Then the newspaper headlines.  War, they read.  All able-bodied men forced to fight.  Able-bodied.  No wooden legs like mine allowed.  So I watched them leave.  One by one.

I stare at the rope swing hanging from the tree, now hauntingly vacant.

I turn to leave.  This place doesn’t matter anymore.  Nothing does.  Because they’re all gone now.


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