Cw12: An Unusual Visitor

eeeeeeee!  Okay, I just had to let that out.  Because this week’s assignment was to write about a wedding.  Without the letter e.  My fellow creative writing students will understand that this is very hard.  Oh well, I tried my best.

First, two young girls with milky frocks and bouncy curls walk down a path, dropping parts of blossoms.  Both glow with joy, as all do today.  Grand music plays, a harp and a piano.  Photos snap.  All wait.  And…

A lass clad in an ivory gown walks forward, blossoms in hand.  A lad with a brilliant grin stands at an altar, waiting.  A crowd—family, companions, and I—watch happily.  And crying.  Always crying.

Ivory clad lass halts and turns to look at him, both radiating bliss.  A pastor says words all know, rings put on hands, vows, a kiss.  Mirth all around, all congratulating and crying as two unify.  Nothing unusual.  Just a nuptial party.

Following is dancing and food.  I probably should go now.  But a maid foils my plans and puts a halting hand on my arm.  “Can you waltz?  I’m Ivy.”

I push it off.  “No, no.  I can’t.”

“Oh, common’”

I can’t find a way out, so I waltz.  Ivy is clad in a navy gown, along with four additional maids.

“So, how do you know Ryan and Lily?” Ivy asks.

I try not to stomp on a foot.  I’m no good at this.  “Who?”

“You know.”  Ivy throws a look at ivory clad lass and grinning lad.

“Oh, I… must go.  Sorry.”  I pull away, pushing my way through.  Ivy might catch on.  I can’t allow that.

Although Ivy won’t allow it.  “Do you know Ryan or Lily?”

I shrug.  “Imaginably.”  I run off.

“Hold it!” Ivy calls.  “Wait!”

I fly out church doors.  I’m out of harm’s way now.  Not caught.  I always show up at nuptial affairs.  Why wait for an invitation?

That’s right, I just wrote about a creepy stalker who randomly crashes weddings.  Good day!  


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