Cw13: The Snow Globe

Ah, Christmas.  The time of year we gather around our families, stuff ourselves with foods, and listen to sappy stories we wouldn’t tolerate at any other time of year.  This is one of those stories, told in the form of poetry.

Note: to focus on the story, I kept rhymes simple and didn’t really do meter.

Gather ‘round boys and girls, I’ll tell you a tale

Of a young child so cheerful and sweet

It was only fitting they called her Joy,

With her smile that could light a dimly lit street.

At Christmas her charm only grew

Indeed her very heart seemed to glow,

Lighting even the darkest of souls.

No sorrow did she seem to know.

She’d skate and romp around with glee

Enchanted by each falling snowflake

“At Christmas,” she thought, “all are merry.

With loved ones ‘round, there’s no heartache.”

Though as the years went by and by

The light in her eyes slowly snuffed out

As she saw the cruelty of the world

And wondered what all its hate could be about

Further down and down she fell, into

Her own dark pit of fear and dread

Loneliness became all she knew

Dark thoughts running ‘round her head

A mere shell of the girl she once was

Joy hoped Christmastime would bring

A light to guide her through her pain

To hear just one angel sing

Yet when Christmas came, nothing did change

Sugar plums and sweets all lost their taste

Snowmen became but things that melted

The sound of bells was erased

And all this made her start to wonder

If there was nothing to Christmas after all

If the bliss she once felt was but naive

Never to return, only a melted snowball

“Alas there’s nothing left,” said she,

Growing ever closer to breakdown

Only one thing she still held dear,

A snow globe holding an enchanted town

For hours she gazed at its snow-laden streets

And its inhabitants always filled with cheer

With a soft sigh Joy said to herself,

“If I could be anywhere, it’d be here.”

On one bleak Christmas Eve she did wish,

“Please let this peaceful town be my home.”

Then slept in her bed and in the morning found

herself confined within the glass dome

At first she let out a great shout of glee

Thrilled to leave her own world of drear

for the charming little cottages,

deciding, “I think I could belong here.”

Yet upon meeting the little townsfolk

Her heart overflowed with dismay

For not a one was happier than she.

No hope in their world, only decay

Yay, each person was lonelier than the next,

Although they celebrated Christmas year round.

Nothing more did Joy want than to leave,

Yet no way out was to be found.

So she spent her days wandering about

Hoping for any means of escape

From her unbreakable prison of glass

And from her world in such a dismal shape

Hundreds of times she passed the manger scene

Sitting unmoved in the town’s square

And wondered, “Why would God send His son

to a world like this?  Why would he care?”

And in that town where the same snow fell each day

Joy kept returning to the lonely scene

Never knowing why she did, only

Wondering what such a thing could mean

After a time, she knew not how long,

Joy lost hope, letting her life ebb away

‘Till she found herself at the manger

And thought, “Perhaps I should stay.”

She wondered how there could be such a gift

And decided if there was, some hope remained.

“If God hasn’t yet given up on the world,

Then neither shall I,” was her refrain.

Joy prayed the way she did as a child

And when her eyes opened they had back their light.

She spent the day spreading mirth all around

Helping and giving with all her might

Indeed when the day came to an end

The whole town had more cheer than before

That night Joy went to sleep with more peace

And awoke back at home once more

But no, her story was not yet over,

For she found her own world a little too blue

Yet instead of withering in grief

She spread her gladness to them too

From that day forward her determination

Never wavered, even on doleful days

Joy gave hope to all, at every time of year

As proof one could survive the darkest of haze

Up upon her shelf she kept a snow globe,

Hoping she’d never forget what she learned

in that little town about the manger’s gift

Something given that could never be earned

Now if you don’t believe I speak for true

Let me say, Joy is I and I am she

Yes, dear friends, the tale I have recounted

Is in fact the story of me


5 thoughts on “Cw13: The Snow Globe

  1. A poem — how creative! And what an interesting plot! I like it, Sarah! 🙂
    I’m just wondering if you meant ‘Yea, each person was lonelier than the next’ instead of ‘Yay, each person…’?
    And great pictures! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I think ‘yay’ is more of an exclamation of excitement (as in, yay! it’s finally time for winter break!), while ‘yea’ is more of the archaic yes you were aiming for. All that to say, I like that part! 😀 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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