The Violin

IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!  And it also happens to be Wednesday.  Since we don’t have Creative Writing class today, I took it upon myself to give myself an assignment and wrote another sappy Christmas story.  Merry Christmas!

His fingers turned stiff and white in the cold, yet he kept playing.  The violinist diligently tried to ignore the puffy white snowflakes dusting his thin clothes and the frigid air nipping at every exposed area of skin.  He tried instead to concentrate on the rich sounds emanating from his instrument.  Tried to let the rest of the world fade away until nothing remained but him and his violin.

Christmas usually proved the best time to earn some extra change.  The spirit of joy and giving made people more generous, slightly more willing to part with their prized, coveted coins to drop them in the hat of a talented lad with his violin.  Although not tonight.

On Christmas Eve, all bustled about their own business, rushing to finish last minute shopping, not giving the violinist a second glance.  None of them seemed to care that he had his own troubles, too.  None of them knew how hard he’d worked the last few months to give his family a happier Christmas tomorrow.  That only a few coins could give him just enough to buy their presents.

After finishing a particularly difficult piece, the violist hopefully looked around.  Lights twinkled over the Christmas market, where people crowded around kiosks and waited in line for warm sweets.  A steady flow moved in and out of the entrance, walking past the street corner where the violinist stood.  He looked down at his hat.  No more coins.  With a sigh, he lifted the violin to his cheek again, playing a cheery Christmas tune.

The girl pulled part of her scarf over her face to shelter herself from the frigid breeze, ignoring the sights around her.  Yes, the market looked beautiful, with the twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments.  Enchanting even.  Almost enough to put her in the Christmas spirit.  Almost.  With a sigh, the girl opened her small gloved hand and viewed its contents.  Just a few coins she received as an early Christmas present– her grandfather’s poor attempt at compensating for how miserable she felt spending this Christmas without her friends and most of her family.

She didn’t even want to shop, yet she didn’t have the heart to refuse her Grandfather’s gift.  He tried so hard.  Sullenly she contemplated her options.  Grandfather probably expected her to get toys, since he still viewed her as very young, although she felt much too old to buy herself a new doll.  And after all the gingerbread he stuffed down her throat in an attempt to cheer her up, the girl nearly gagged at the sight of sweets.  A new scarf and hat?  Totally impractical, considering how many she already had, but why not?

With an indifferent shrug, the girl meandered towards the kiosk at the exit, the one with the blue hat that caught her eye.  As she shuffled into line she heard something that inexplicably made her stop in her tracks.  Curious, she wandered over to the street corner where a boy played the violin.  She closed her eyes and allowed the instrument’s rich tones to carry her away to years gone by.  Years when she felt happy at Christmas instead of lonely.  Years when she had so much more… and gave more.

When the song ended, a few tears sprung to her eyes, even though she didn’t normally show much emotion.  Oh, how she wished she could go back in time to when she felt happy…  Then she saw the violinist forlornly looking at his cap, which didn’t fill with any more money, and noticed he didn’t have any gloves or a scarf.  Not like her.  His hands shook so much she didn’t understand how he could play so expertly.

She fingered the fringe of her scarf, remembering that only a moment ago she had contemplated buying another.  The girl knew what she should do.  Stepping forward, she emptied her coins into the violinist’s hat, offering a shy smile.  As he took a bow, his face broke into a grin so wide his rosy cheeks could have cracked.  He could hardly believe he finally earned enough to make his family a little warmer and a little fuller this Christmas.  The girl smiled and clapped, realizing she did feel happy, right there in the present.

And as the two parted ways that night, neither felt the cold anymore.


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