A Letter to the New Year

Dear 2015,

I know everyone is saying this, but I can’t believe you’re here.  2014 passed in a blink, yet it also lasted a lifetime.  Funny how time does that.  I suspect you’ll do the same.

You’ll come with changes; every year does.  Some of those changes I’m expecting, but I’m sure there will be a few surprises too.  Are they good things?  Bad things?  And I suppose I’ll change, too.  A year from now, will I even be able to recognize the person writing this letter?  Or will I be mostly the same person?

Like every year, I know you won’t be all good or all bad.  You’ll come with happy times, you’ll come with sad times.  During your 365 days, I’ll feel joy, sorrow, anger, fear, and hope all at some points.  I know that already.  So I guess I’m asking, which emotions will prevail?  Next New Year’s Eve, will I look upon you as one of the best or worst times of my life?  Or somewhere in between?

I keep wondering what you’ll do to me, but I guess I should ask myself what I’ll do with you.

Yours truly,

Just another person wondering


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