Pangram: The Mysterious Egg

This week’s challenge: to write a story with each sentence beginning with consecutive letters of the alphabet.

Amid the quiet trees of an undisturbed forest sat an egg.  Being about two feet in diameter, it was quite a bit bigger than a normal egg.  Cerulean and cobalt patches covered its shell, making it an even more unusual sight to behold.  Despite the fact that it so starkly stood out, no one took notice of it.  Eggs normally have a mother to care for them or at least a nest to sit in, but this one sat entirely alone.  Fortunately, it did not remain unfound…

Gripping the rock, Grover pulled himself unto a ledge.  Hiking may have been one of his favorite pastimes, but this path was difficult even for him.  Ignoring the brambles snagging his pants, he pushed through to the clearing.  Just then, something strangely blue came into his peripheral vision.  Keeping in mind that he probably shouldn’t stray too far from the trail, he wandered over to the curious object.

Likely believing it was only a strange rock, Grover reeled in shock at the sight of the egg.  “My goodness… I’ve never seen anything like it,” he muttered, circling the alien entity.

Not a moment after these words escaped his mouth, the silence of the forest was interrupted by an unmistakable cracking sound.  Open-mouthed, Grover watched as the shell fell away piece by piece.  Peering up at him was a small scaly winged creature that could be no other than a dragon.  Queer, he thought.  Really, I didn’t think such a thing existed.

Suddenly, the young beast let out a fiery sneeze.  Terrified, Grover fell backwards on a patch of brambles.  Underestimating this beast’s power could be a great mistake, he thought.  Very quickly I must escape.

When he stood to leave, however, the scaly infant followed him.  Xanthic* eyes looked imploringly into his, begging for his friendship.  “You might not be so frightening after all,” Grover decided, picking up his new little friend.  Zipping the dragon safely in his backpack, he knew it was the beginning of something great.

*Yes, this is a word.  It’s a fancy way of saying yellow.


10 thoughts on “Pangram: The Mysterious Egg

  1. Ah. Dragons. XD Love this. Your description of the egg is great, especially with the use of cerulean, and of course, xanthic is such a cool word. Reading all these pangrams is gonna educate me on all the different “x” words out there for sure. =P Great job!

    ~Michael Hollingworth
    Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

    Liked by 1 person

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