IMPORTANT: About my novel project

Because I am the most paranoid and arrogant person in the world, I think that everyone wants to steal my novel or something of that sort.  Thus, I have joined the bandwagon and created a second blog specifically for my novel.  You can find it here.  Note: It is a private blog, but I will let you in if I like you if you are a member (or honorary member) of Ms. Gaines’s creative writing class.


4 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: About my novel project

  1. Oh man. I feel special. XP I was already in. =P Didn’t even have to ask. Way cool. Now time to read the rest of your novella. 🙂 Also, I get what you mean about someone stealing it. XD My thoughts for mine are more devious. =P My thoughts are that if someone steals my novel and publishes it, I can come and claim the publicity, because using my posts I can prove they were written before. *shrugs* idk. Just– thoughts. =P

    ~Michael Hollingworth
    Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

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