CW Awards

Soooo this week is our last creative writing class *sobs in the corner* and we’ll be having a mini awards ceremony. I’m compiling this list of details about my novella to force you to vote for me make it easier for you to remember what you *might* want to nominate me for.  (I’m not trying to be a narcissistic, but… it’s part of the assignment.)

Title: Subliminal

eh.  I’m not sure what I think of it.  In a way it fits with the mystery and messages in the novella (and it does sound like a sci fi tittle) but I’m not sure how great it is.  In other words, I would love to hear it if you have any better title ideas.

Female Lead: Rowan Atreus (sometimes called Lacey Gorse)

Female Supporting: Rowena Dare or Ella

Male Supporting: Caleb or Chase

Villain: the Aurorans

Setting: Auroran Learning Institute (ALI)

Best Quote: I’m really not sure what my best quote is, but here’s one.

“Recognize yourself?” Ella asks, lowering her book and looking over the scene with thoughtful dark eyes.

“No,” Lacey admits, choking on the word.  She is alone.  She doesn’t even have herself.

Ella sighs.  “That’s all right.  None of us really do.”

If you think another quote is better, then that’s fine.

Opening Line:

“Rowan Atreus wishes her heart would stop beating.”

Closing Line:

“And when it opens, she sees a light.”

Literary Device:  Everything is based on the Aurorans symbolizing society.  Which might make my novella an allegory, but I’m not sure because after finishing English, I sort of deleted the literary device file in my brain. 🙂  So basically my whole novella is a literary device.

Comedic moment:  Well, there was that time when… when… nope, there’s nothing.

Dramatic moment: Chapter ten. >:)  The WHOLE thing.

Suspense moment: I’m not sure… Perhaps when a certain character dies and leaves behind a surprising note.  (if you read my novella, then that hopefully made sense)  But there are plenty of others.

Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction


6 thoughts on “CW Awards

  1. You forgot to mention your amazingest literary device! — the symbolism of the gorse flowers wilting as Lacey Gorse/Rowan starts to question and rebel against the identity imposed on her. It is a REALLY powerful device. =) ❤
    And yeah — your whole novel is suspense.

    Liked by 1 person

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