Welcome to Scotland

Hello peoples!  I am actually not dead!  It’s really sad that I have to start almost every blog post with that announcement these days, but…. it’s been a hectic semester.  In any event, in an attempt to make it up to you, I’m going to post something every day.  Or at least I’ll try.

That said, I recently took a brief visit to Scotland and Ireland, and took a few hundred photos.  I thought I might share some with you.  Because there are so many, I’ll spread them across a few posts.  Enjoy!


On the streets of Edinburgh


Edinburgh street scene


Apparently where Mary Queen of Scotts took baths


Hollyrood Castle’s front yard.  The Queen comes here to visit once a year.  (apologies for the off-centerdness)


From a monastary

Aaaand I think I’ll stop here, because this pretty much covers day one.  Stay tuned, because I have some much more exciting things in store.  (Next I’ll tackle the highlands.)

As a side note: These are my pictures.  I took them.  They are my property.  In other words, do not steal them.  Same goes for all other pictures on this blog.  Thank you for understanding.



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