What to do with a New Year?


The New Year is coming!  Yes, I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I decided to tell you anyway.  So it’s time to do some serious reflecting and ask the inevitable, all-important question: Was it a good year?

Well, it depends on what you mean by good.

Last year, at about this time, I wrote this cute little letter to 2015.  I asked a few interesting questions, like:

“I suppose I’ll change, too.  A year from now, will I even be able to recognize the person writing this letter?  Or will I be mostly the same person?”

I do recognize myself, more or less.  Truthfully, I almost feel bad for the girl who wrote this letter.  She had no idea what she was getting into, starting a new year.  Though she didn’t really have a choice, did she?

“Next New Year’s Eve, will I look upon you [2015] as one of the best or worst times of my life?  Or somewhere in between?”

Ah, back to the “good year” question.  Now that it’s New Year’s Eve, I think it’s only appropriate that I answer my younger self.

If you define a good year as one full of fun and lacking sorrow, then 2015 was my worst year yet.  May as well be honest.  Yes, there were fun times, but I only showed you the best.  Though if you define a good year as one full of learning and growth, then 2015 was probably my best year yet.  So it’s all relative.

And as for the New Year?  I’m bracing myself for the worst yet preparing for the best.  Because regardless of what happens, I’m determined to make this the best year so far, in terms of both happiness and development.  In the time being, good riddance 2015, and welcome 2016.

On an off note, I’d say this was a good year in terms of blogging.  (Here are my stats.)  I’d like to thank each of my readers, who bear with me even though I’ve been less than faithful to this blog as of lately.  Here’s my excuse: 5,099 words of college admissions essays.  And counting.

I’d particularly like to thank my top commenters: rachelizabeth, M3L6H, 10vwb, Victoria Night Sky, and Rachel R.  They are all amazing!


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