2016 Rant

So.  I suppose it’s become a bit of a tradition to write an end-of-the-year-post on this blog.  At least, I put together thoughtful little posts the last two years.  And this year, I’m going to break the mold a little by doing an unedited stream of consciousness.  So fasten your seatbelts.

What happened this year?

  1. Not much.
  2. Actually a lot.  Just not much I want to talk about.
  3. The first thing I remember was celebrating New Year’s.  It was lonely because all the friends I used to celebrate it with had moved away.
  4. For the first part of the year, I didn’t do much besides wait to hear back from colleges.  And then I heard.  I didn’t get accepted anywhere I wanted to go.
  5. I spent the next part of the year mourning this.
  6. Thankfully, during my mourning period, I got to meet up with some of my friends on a trip.  This was one of the best experiences of my life.
  7. And then I visited the college I did get into for freshman orientation.  I realized I would be okay there.  The year took a turn for the better.
  8. I started college.  I met some great people.  Things were going well.
  9. Three guys pursued me, and it was the first time my homeschooled self had any experience with the sort of thing, so it stressed me out.
  10. The crappy election happened.  It really brought me down for a while because I was so disappointed in and scared for America.
  11. I ended up with one of the guys I talked about.  Things were definitely looking up.  I made a great group of friends too.
  12. Things went perfectly for a while.
  13. Then finals happened.  I really, really freaked out.
  14. My relationship ended.  Suddenly.  Unexpectedly.  Painfully.
  15. I’m still trying to figure out the how’s and the why’s.
  16. I’m ok now.  Or at least I’m trying to be.
  17. I didn’t mean to write all this but oh well.  Happy New Year.

So yeah.  2016.  Both the best and worst year of my life.  It ended on a bad note, so I’m not super hopeful for 2017, but maybe things will get better.  Maybe.


4 thoughts on “2016 Rant

  1. Happy New Year ! That wonderful day we say good-bye to the past and welcome to the future. Lots of opportunities ahead…praying with you as you walk into a new year and new beginnings.


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