Eros Explored

I saw you first after a war

Ashes, blood, and gunpowder

carpeting the battle floor.

And you were the pretty poppy poking through.


Picture Mine

At night when I try to sleep

When nightmares come creeping in

I pass the time by counting sheep

And you’re every single one


Picture Mine

Now I try, I try to write,

putting my story in ink

try to record my sad sorry fight

And you’re the inkblot on my quill.


Picture Mine



I go up and I go down,

but the fall never leaves.

The change, the chill, round and round.

And you’re the crisp in the autumn breeze.


Picture Mine


Though, I’m okay with the cold,

shivering dancing shivering alone.

Just watching how events unfold.

Because you’re when my favorite song begins.







….And on to Ireland

Hey, sorry I haven’t posted any in the last week.  I’ve been trying to readjust to school.  Though hopefully I’ll post more frequently this semester.  I’ll make it a tentative New Year’s resolution.  In any event, I’m pretty well out of Scotland pictures, so I’ll move on to Ireland.  Hope you enjoy!

And yes, there are several more Ireland pictures to come!

Bird’s Eye View of Edinburgh

First post of the New Year!  And what better way to kick of 2016 than with pictures of Scotland?  Well, you might have a better way, but this is the way I’m doing it.

I hope you aren’t getting tired of these, because I’m an obsessive photographer! 😉

MORE Scotland

Well, I hope you’re not getting tired of these pictures, because I still have some.  Without further ado, here is part three in the photo series:

Hope you enjoyed!  Next, I’ll show you some castle grounds. 🙂


True to my word, I am posting again.  Let’s see how long I can keep this up.  But for now, to the highlands!  These are from Arthur’s seat, near Edinburgh.

I’ll continue the highlands in the next post, since I have so many pictures, and it can be boring to look at a bunch of rocks. 😛  Hope you enjoyed!

Welcome to Scotland

Hello peoples!  I am actually not dead!  It’s really sad that I have to start almost every blog post with that announcement these days, but…. it’s been a hectic semester.  In any event, in an attempt to make it up to you, I’m going to post something every day.  Or at least I’ll try.

That said, I recently took a brief visit to Scotland and Ireland, and took a few hundred photos.  I thought I might share some with you.  Because there are so many, I’ll spread them across a few posts.  Enjoy!


On the streets of Edinburgh


Edinburgh street scene


Apparently where Mary Queen of Scotts took baths


Hollyrood Castle’s front yard.  The Queen comes here to visit once a year.  (apologies for the off-centerdness)


From a monastary

Aaaand I think I’ll stop here, because this pretty much covers day one.  Stay tuned, because I have some much more exciting things in store.  (Next I’ll tackle the highlands.)

As a side note: These are my pictures.  I took them.  They are my property.  In other words, do not steal them.  Same goes for all other pictures on this blog.  Thank you for understanding.


Summer Adventures

So.  I am a terrible person.  I have not posted in YEARS.  Well, it was more like a month, but it feels like years.  So, to explain my absence, I have decided to post a couple photos I’ve taken during my travels over the summer.  Hope it (sort of) makes up for the lack of posts.

Just a wire
Don’t worry. I did more than stare at leaves. You’ll see…

Inside a cave
More cave
On the beach
The beach was RIGHT next to the airport
side street
side street
And one more beach
And one more beach

Well, after all this, you’re not going to believe that I spent most of the summer indoors…